Insanely intense with an incredibly exciting taste! My fermented garlic refines every risotto for me, but also stir-fries, dips and dressings, as well as homemade vegan cheeses.

Hearty garlic, combined with the lactic acid created by fermentation. Intense, aromatic, slightly spicy.

Lactic acid fermented garlic refines many dishes in a new, delicious way. And it is very easy to make!

Ingredients for 1 jar of fermented garlic:

5 garlic bulbs, organic
Kosher salt


Open the garlic bulbs and peel the cloves.

Place a small jar or a screw-top jar with a capacity of approx. 0.7 l on a kitchen scale. Set the kitchen scale to 0.

Add the garlic cloves. Try to place the garlic as close as possible and with little free space in between.
Pour water into the glass so that the garlic is well covered. Ideally, there is now a few centimeters of space left in the glass.

Most times I ferment vegetables with 4% salt. I thin that tastes just right, not too salty, but not bland either. And there is enough salt in the jar to protectthe vegetables against unwanted bacteria.

So if you have 400 g of garlic and add 500 g of water to it, you get 900 g. 4% of that are 36. So you need 36 g of salt.

For example, I had the following amounts:
307 g garlic + 210 g water = 517 g, of which 4% makes 21 g salt

Now pour the water out of the jar into a clean bowl. Mix it with the calculated amount of salt until it is fully dissolved.
Then pour the salt water back into the jar.

Now you have to make sure that the garlic is always covered by the salt water so that no mold can form. If, contrary to expectations, mold does develop, the entire ferment must be disposed of!
To prevent this from happening, I put a little weight on the garlic so it cannot come up to the surface. In this case, I simply filled a little zip lock or other bag with a little water. I closed the bag and placed it on the garlic.

The jar should not be fully open, but gas must be able to escape. This works fine with the plastic bag method. But you can also take a thoroughly cleaned stone, place it on the vegetables and then only loosely seal the jar.

In order for the lactofermentation to be successful, the garlic must ferment in its liquid for about 7 days. When the environment has a room temperature from 21-23°C (70-74°F). The duration of the fermentation depends on your taste and the romm temerature. The longer the garlic ferments, the more intense it becomes. I think mine is optimal after 7 days at around 21°C.

After filling, place the fermentation vessel in a bowl or a deep plate. The jar may overflow a bit, when the fermentation process becomes very active.

After 3-4 days, start tasting the garlic once or twice per day. As soon as it has achieved the optimal taste, close the jar tightly and store in the refrigerator.
The fermented garlic lasts there for a few weeks to months.

Enjoy your fermented garlic!

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Fermented garlic - spicy, perfect for refining many dishes
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