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Vegan side dishes

Side dishes are the often underestimated, but nevertheless crucial accompaniment to a meal.

Side dishes are not only there to fill teh stomach or the plate. They also contribute significantly to the flavor composition and the overall experience of the meal.

Here you will find a variety of vegan side dishes!

Have fun browsing, cooking and feasting!

Beetroot hummus – simple, delicious and pink!

Just beautiful and nice and easy!This beetroot hummus is similar to classic hummus, but the beetroot gives it a special…

Wild garlic paste – preserve the taste all year round

I use my spicy, extremely strong wild garlic paste as a basis for pasta sauces, mushroom sauces, gravies, but also…

Vegan Scotch Eggs – with homemade vegan eggs and meat

I wrap eggs in a sausage meat coating, bread them and deep-fry them. What do I get? Yes, Scotch eggs….

Vegan hard-boiled eggs – purely plant-based

Hard-boiled eggs, absolutely vegan! Homemade vegan hard-boiled eggs: with my recipe you can enjoy this easy snack again. And use…

Gravy – German ‘Bratensauce’ – the best vegan gravy

Gravy. Rich, vegan and incredibly tasty! This gravy recipe is my vegan version of traditional German recipes for ‘Bratensauce’. That…

Sour Cream – plant based – made from Cashews

And the category is: “Ready in under 5 minutes”!Creamy and delicious: vegan sour cream! Having a little jar of my…

Piyaz – a Turkish white bean salad

Piyaz is a Turkish white bean salad. It is often served as a side dish, but it works just as…

Aioli – a Spanish garlic dip

Vampire problems? Not after enjoying this wonderful Spanish garlic dip!Traditional Spanish aioli is available in a multitude of different variations….

Ceviche – vegan – with two kinds of ‘fish’

Ceviche, with two kinds of vegan fish. One tuna version made from tomatoes and one white fish made from palm…

Fermented garlic – spicy, perfect for refining many dishes

Insanely intense with an incredibly exciting taste! My fermented garlic refines every risotto for me, but also stir-fries, dips and…

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