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All image and text rights belong to the author of the entries and individual pages on may collect, process and use incoming visitor or user data exclusively within the framework of the relevant statutory provision. Which data is recorded during your visit to the pages of and how they are used, you will find below.

If you have questions about data protection on or would like to have information about the data stored by about you, please write an email.

Privacy policy regarding the Facebook, google +, Twitter and WhatsApp Like and Share buttons

For these buttons I used Shariff, an open source solution of the computer magazine ct’. Since the like and share buttons are not directly included, it makes it possible, that these websites are not able to track data from the user via this website. There is no acces to the cookies and othe browser information either. This means that the pages do not receice any information from you until you click one of these buttons. Only then to you establish contact with the application or the further process of liking or sharing.

Privacy policy for the use of Piwik uses the web analytics service Piwik. Piwik is an open source software that evaluates website visitor’s traffic. The analysis is made possible by the usage of cookies, which are text files. The cookies collect information regarding your use of this website. These are stored on the server of in Germany. Your IP address will be anonymized before. However, you have the option of preventing cookies bfrom Piwik being stored on your computer. To do this, you must modify the settings on your internet browser. This may mean that you cannot use this website entirely.
Source: Flegl Rechtsanwälte GmbH

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