Welcome to dailyvegan!

Hello, my name is Sean Moxie. I started this blog in German (www.dailyvegan.de) in the beginning of 2016. Prior to that I was only cooking for charity events and in people’s kitchens. For a while I was also baking vegan cakes for a café and I did a few catering jobs. But mostly my friends and house mates were enjoying my meals and kept frequently asking for my recipes.

I started this blog to share my vegan knowledge with more people. It’s great popularity and all the wonderful feedback are shownig me, that this descision was absolutely right.
dailyvegan.de also made myself become a more professional vegan chef. Many successful vegan caterings came up and by now I am leaving my old job as a software developer bit by bit to only work in the vegan cuisine business.
In summer of 2018 I’ve started a side job as a chef in a small vegan restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. That included the daily business as well as huge birthday cakes and also a 5 course haute cuisine menu, designed by me containing recipes I’ve also published on this website.
That dinner was booked out in an instant.

Every other Thursday I am cooking voluntary at a people’s kitchen in Hamburg. We’re always cooking a 3 course menu, usually with seasonal ingredients. Our guests can donate a small amount of money for the food, so everyone, also people who don’t have money, are able to enjoy a nice meal.
Come by, if you like!

By the way, if you are looking for a reliable, creative, vegan chef for your restaurant (part time oder sepcial occasions) or a vegan caterer or you want to book a cooking class or you need a vegan recipe developed just for your business or you are looking for professional food photography, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am very happy about the fact, that more and more people are becoming vegan; or, are eating more and more vegan meals. With dailyvegan.de I want to add my part, to give you this mouthwatering craving, when it comes to vegan food.

I grew up vegetarian, in fact I never liked meat, so I did not have to eat it. Way over 10 years ago I became vegan, for ethical and moral reasons. I simply don’t want to be responsible for the suffering of many, many animals. Also, being vegan ist much better for the environment and everyone’s health.
I don’t create my recipes for an organic or very healthy diet. If possible I buy regional and organic food a lot though or I try to harvest plants, fruits and mushrooms myself. And of course I am showing you the results here on my website.
This blog comtains a balanced mix of treats, sinful sweets and fast food and neccessary nutritions.

It is important to me, that everybody can afford good, healthy and delicious vegan food. I was rather poor for a very long time myself and that is also how I grew up. So I know how it is, if you cannot afford the ingredients for a nice recipe. I try my best not to reproduce that feeling.
Therefor you’ll find a lot of my recipes in the ‘on a budget’ category and most of the other recipes are also quite affordable.
Besides of that, you’ll find many recipes, that will help you to prepare a lot of good stuff at home. Usually vegan convenience food is very expensive, so my recipes can’t only help you to save plastic and the environment, it also helps you to save a lot of money.

Even though I never liked meat and never really enjoyed eggs, since I’ve know the vegan versions I totally changed my mind on that. I love the way vegan meat, eggs and cheese can be prepared and served and I love cooking and eating them. That makes dailyvegan.de a top source for veganized versions of well known dishes.
I also enjoy a huge veriety of foods, tastes and textures, so you can find many international dishes and all in all very different ways of cooking on my site.
But, just look for yourself!

Btw., this site is run without any advertisements and I also do not take ‘presents’, to then write about a certain product. If I use a brand name in my ingredients, then it is only, because I think it is the only product that really works for the meal and I don’t know any other alternative.

If you are enjoying my website and my recipes, I’d be very greatful for a small donation. That keeps my expensise for the server, technical stuff, software and so on to a minimum. And you can support my work on the recipes, photos and writing.
If you’d like to support dailyvegan.de, please donate via paypal. But, donate only, if you can afford it, please. If you don’t have much money, please buy yourself something nice.

Enjoy dailyvegan.de and my recipes!