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My name is Sean Moxie, I am the head and chef behind dailyvegan.recipes. To share my vegan kitchen knowledge with more people, I started this blog in German (www.dailyvegan.de) at the beginning of 2016. The popularity of dailyvegan.de and the wonderful feedback show me how good this decision was.
I am very happy that there are more and more vegans out there and more and more vegan food. With dailyvegan.recipes I would like to contribute my share to that. So that you can regulary cook and eat mouthwatering vegan food.
Altogether, this blog offers a balance between treats and good nutrients. An easy access to the vegan way of life.

The categories and search help you to find the right recipe on dailyvegan.de for every occasion. Be it fast and easy or vegan haute cuisine for special occasions.

My main job is as a vegan cook. My last employment was in .innerluck in Hamburg. There I managed the kitchen, developed the seasonal menu and was responsible for daily and weekly specials. Before that, I was at Limu, where, in addition to the normal day-to-day business, I was also responsible for special events such as five-course meals and cake orders.

After my work at innerluck, I cooked as a vegan guest chef for a few weeks in Provence in Menerbes, France. In the Dora Maar House and at Hotel Tingry, including a vegan five-course menu and a vegan cheese workshop for guests to take part in. In addition to my work as a cook, I give cooking courses or cooking shows, do small caterings and I also develop professional recipes for companies, products, magazines, etc.

For example as the author of a cookbook for and with MyEy egg replacement. As part of recipe development, I usually also do the food photography and the food styling. Or I cook directly in front of the camera. For example, I developed a vegan Christmas goose recipe for a German TV chanel called ARD. Their children’s program neuneinhalb featured it and I prepared it in front of the camera on the show.

Feel free to contact me for a cooperation. Currently, unfortunately due to Covid-19, I ‘only’ work in the background. I do freelance recipe development for food companies, restaurants and various media formats. I am also working for a group of entrepreneurs on the development of a resaurant concept for a vegan restaurant chain. The first restaurant is going to open in Munich at the end of 2021. My main task, in addition to developing the concept, is to create the menu and develop the recipes for it. The menu will be regional and seasonal, in cooperation with small, local organic farmers. The restaurants will also have a strong focus on minimal waste, sustainability and health.

As much as I love my current jobs, in the long term I dream of a vegan restaurant with high or unusual vegan cuisine, in which I can really show my skills and enchant the guests with creative, sophisticated dishes. I prefer to work with regional and seasonal ingredients. In addition to the known ingredients, I also like to go out into nature or to the farmer myself to harvest or get unusual fruits, flowers, herbs, parts of plants and mushrooms. I then integrate these into my dishes.
This means that my dishes are not only delicious and particularly tasty, but also very environmentally friendly and often also zero or minimal waste.

I am equally passionate about introducing meat and fish alternatives in my recipes and combining conventional cuisine with a plant based lifestyle. Preferably settled somewhere between casual and fine dining.

If this appeals to you and you are looking for an experienced vegan cook: please send me an email with a description of your restaurant or your business idea for a new opening!

By the way, I’m working on an English version of dailyvegan.de on dailyvegan.recipes.

Before I started this blog in early 2016, I turned my back on the restaurant business for a few years and worked as a software developer and only cooked for soli events and on the side. For a while I also baked vegan cakes and pies for a café and occasionally did caterings for small festivals and other events. For the most part, however, my friends and roommates enjoyed my cooking skills and kept asking me about my recipes.

This gave me the idea to open dailyvegan.de. And in the end, the blog meant that I myself made another big leap towards vegan professional cuisine. I turned my back on my job as a software developer and now only work as a professional chef. I just feel most comfortable in the kitchen!

About me becoming a vegan. I was already vegetarian as a child, but I went vegan about 17 years ago for ethical and moral reasons. I do not want to be responsible for the suffering of animals. Also for the environment, a vegan lifestyle is much more sustainable and healthier.
And it’s important to me, that everyone can afford good, healthy and delicious vegan food. I am also far from being rich and come from a rather poor family. So I know very well what it’s like to be unable to afford the ingredients for a recipe. I do not want to reproduce this feeling with this blog.
Many of my recipes can be found in the category ‘On a budget’. And also the other recipes are usually easily affordable. Even if they are listed under ‘Fancy’.
You will also find many recipes that help you to produce products that are otherwise very expensive to buy in a vegan version.

With my recipes, you can easily do something good for the animals and the environment by eating vegan food, and your wallet will also thank you!

By the way: this site is completely ad-free and I do not accept any ‘gifts’ to write positively about a brand. If I call a product by its name, then only because the recipe only works or tastes so good with exactly this product and there are, to my knowledge, no alternatives to it.

If you like my recipes, I look forward to a small Paypal donation. This is how you can support dailyvegan.recipes, the photos and the recipes. With the maintenance and extension of this site and especially with the cooking, the photography and the writing of the recipes I spend a large part of my free time. So if you want to support dailyvegan.recipes, you can donate here.
But I ask you to do this only if you have enough money yourself. If you have little money, I want you to treat yourself to something. : – *

Have fun browsing, cooking and eating!

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