Category: Beverages

Recipes for drinks are as diverse as they are refreshing.

They range from classic cocktails to healthy smoothies to aromatic teas. Here you will find inspiring ideas for beverages that cover a wide variety of flavors and occasions.

Vegan recipes? Look at Daily vegan!

Elderflower tea – foraged and dried at home

Aromatic elderflower tea, with hand picked elderflowers. Foraged in the woods or on meadows and dried at home. A precious…

Vegan condensed milk – made from only 2 ingredients

Sweet, creamy condensed milk made from just 2 ingredients! Fully plant based! How to prepare vegan condensed milk has probably…

Yellow Smoothie – fresher and tastier than money can buy

My yellow smoothie is packed with vitamins. Perfect for a wet and cold autumn or winter.Quickly prepared in just a…

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