You are interested in a collaboration?
Here are a few FAQs. You can also contact me via email.

You would like to cover dailyvegan in your story?

That a vegan diet is becoming more and more popular, also reflects in the current media coverage.
You are writing for a magazine or some other form of media? Or, are you having a blog yourself? Would you like to report something about or or are looking for a collaboration? Of course I’m very happy about that! Please send me an email with your request via my contact form.

Recipe development

You are writing for printed media or a website? Your television show needs plant based content?
Or your restaurant needs a great vegan dish on the menu?
Or your company wants to show how well your product can be processed in delicious, vegan recipes?

I am happy to develop an individual recipe for you! Versatile, tailored to your target group, to match the identity of your company. I also love to do the food photography and food styling for you.

For example, I wrote a cookbook for and with MyEy egg replacer. Including the recipes and food photography.

Of course smaller jobs are also possible. Like the three recipes I’ve developed for the vegan honey company Vegablum.

The German TV station ARD has a television programm called neuneinhalb. I’ve created a vegan Christmas goose recipe for that show and also did the cooking in front of the camera.

Please contact me via email for a collaboration.

Cooking shows and cooking classes

A plant based diet is becoming increasingly popular. That isn’t only great for the environment, but also for a healthy life style.

I love to cook for others and in front of them. It is fun to introduce my guests to the vegan kitchen with their tips and tricks. And to provide them with knowledge of how to create a vegan menu or how to bake vegan.

In August 2020 I gave a small, covid-19 suitable, vegan cheese workshop in Provence, France, where the participants made their own purely vegetable cheeses under my guidance.

And I prepared a vegan Christmas goose in front of the camera for the German children’s program neuneinhalb on ARD.

If you want to cook vegan yourself or want to show customers how plant based cooking works, you can ask me for a cooking show or a cooking class. There are small or large delicacies and dishes that even newcomers will succeed in. Right up to sophisticated, visionary, vegan haute cuisine.
I work a lot with regional and seasonal ingredients. I am equally passionate about introducing vegan meat and fish alternatives in my recipes and processing them in creative dishes.

And best of all, everyone can try the food right away and take the recipes back home!

If you would like to book a cooking class or a cooking show, feel free to contact me.

(Food) photography

Do you like my photos? In addition to my work as a chef, I also work as a photographer. Especially in the field of food photography and plant or nature photography.

Just send me an email and tell me about your project or tell me how you imagine a collaboration.

You are looking for a vegan chef for your restaurant?

My main job is as a vegan chef. My last employment was in .innerluck in Hamburg. There I managed the evening kitchen, developed the seasonal menu and was responsible for daily and weekly specials. Before that, I was at Limu, where, in addition to the normal day-to-day business, I was also responsible for special events such as five-course meals and cake orders.

After my work at innerluck, I cooked as a vegan guest chef for a few weeks in Provence in Menerbes in the Dora Maar House and in the Hotel Tingry, including a vegan five-course menu and a vegan cheese workshop for guests to take part in.
At the moment I’m working, due to Covid-19, in the background only. I do freelance recipe development for food companies, restaurants and various media formats. I am also working for a group of entrepreneurs on the development of a restaurant concept for a vegan restaurant chain. The first restaurant is going to open in Munich, around the end of 2021. My main task is to help develop the restaurant concept, to create the menu and to develop the recipes for it. The menu will be regional and seasonal, in cooperation with small, local organic farmers. The restaurants will also have a strong focus on minimal waste, sustainability and health.

As much as I love my current jobs, in the long term I want to cook in a restaurant again. With uppper or unusual vegan cuisine. Where I can really show my skills and enchant the guests with creative, sophisticated dishes. I prefer to work with regional and seasonal ingredients. In addition to the known ingredients, I also like to go out into nature or to the farmer myself to harvest or get unusual fruits, flowers, herbs, parts of plants and mushrooms. I love to use these in my dishes.
This means that my dishes are not only delicious and particularly tasty, but also very environmentally friendly and often also zero or minimal waste.

I am equally passionate about introducing meat and fish alternatives in my recipes. And combining conventional cuisine with a plant based lifestyle. Preferably setttled somewhere between casual and fine dining.

If you are currently looking for an experienced vegan chef: please write me an email with a brief description of your restaurant or your business idea for a reopening!


Since I have no production kitchen of my own available, I can only offer caterings, pies or other orders in a very small scale. I have limited possibility to use kitchens outside of my work as a cook and therefore can only accept smaller orders.
But feel free to contact me and ask.

Media Kit

Please contact me via email via my contact form, then I will send you the latest media kit.

Voluntary activities and charity

You are organizing a vegan street fair to collect donations, you are cooking on a rescue ship, organizing a local animal welfare campaign or doing another great project and looking for someone to work with?

I do a lot of voluntary community work myself, like cooking in a soul kitchen. I also like to help with other projects. However, I also work very, very much. Therefore, because of and other, existing projects, I have very little time.
You can still contact me anytime by email and ask.

Presentation of companies and products on

Dailyvegan is completely ad-free. Therefore, I do not accept ‘gifts’ to report positively on a brand or product. If I call a product by its name, then because the recipe only works or tastes so good with exactly this product and there are, to my knowledge, no alternatives to it. Not because samples were sent to me or something similar.

Did you enjoy this recipe?

If you'd like to treat me to a coffee. So that I can continue to develope recipes, cook them and take pictures to publish on, please send me a small Paypal donation.
I only ask you to do so, if you have enough money for yourself. If you have little money, I would like you to treat yourself to something.

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You are interested in a collaboration? Here are a few FAQs. You can also contact me via email.
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