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The recipes in the ‘On a budget’ category on Daily Vegan are made from ingredients that are  not expensive.

Recipes using inexpensive ingredients are an excellent way to prepare delicious and nutritious meals without breaking the bank.
This can partly be seasonal, as regional vegetables are often particularly cheap at harvest time, but more expensive at other times.

Here you will find many ideas for inexpensive recipes that are easy on the wallet and still full of taste.

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Sopa De Ajo – Mallorca’s garlic soup, served with a maritime tofu skewer and croutons

In this recipe I’ve veganized Sopa de Ajo, the famous garlic soup from the Spanish island Mallorca. Including the curdled…

Scrambled tofu – tasty and very easy to make

This is my basic recipe for scrambled tofu. The vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. My recipe is based on firm…

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