Category: With bread

Vegan with bread. Recipes for vegan bread toppings. From homemade vegan cheese or cutlery, other vegan meat substitutes or vish to jams, spreads, dips and baked goods.

Is there always the same old stuff in the supermarket?
Get some variety on your bread with my delicious, vegan recipes!

Have fun browsing, marveling and cooking!

Vegan salmon spinach roll with cream cheese

My delicious recipe for vegan salmon spinach roll with cream cheese. The perfect starter of a barnstorming menu or for…

Hummus – creamy and full-bodied flavoured

Hummus! is there anybody who does not love Hummus? The oriental speciality made from chickpeas, tahini (sesame paste), olive oil…

Egg salad, delicious for sandwiches

Vegan egg salad! Quick and very easy to make. In less than ten minutes! My boyfriend was really happy, when…

Scrambled tofu – tasty and very easy to make

This is my basic recipe for scrambled tofu. The vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. My recipe is based on firm…

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