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Vegan side dishes

Side dishes are the often underestimated, but nevertheless crucial accompaniment to a meal.

Side dishes are not only there to fill teh stomach or the plate. They also contribute significantly to the flavor composition and the overall experience of the meal.

Here you will find a variety of vegan side dishes!

Have fun browsing, cooking and feasting!

Egg salad, delicious for sandwiches

Vegan egg salad! Quick and very easy to make. In less than ten minutes! My boyfriend was really happy, when…

Sopa De Ajo – Mallorca’s garlic soup, served with a maritime tofu skewer and croutons

In this recipe I’ve veganized Sopa de Ajo, the famous garlic soup from the Spanish island Mallorca. Including the curdled…

Scrambled tofu – tasty and very easy to make

This is my basic recipe for scrambled tofu. The vegan alternative to scrambled eggs. My recipe is based on firm…

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