Category: HIgh cuisine

The category “HIgh Cuisine” on Daily Vegan represents the premier class of the culinary, plant based world.

Creativity, innovation, quality, sophistication, and special cooking techniques meet and merge into a true festival for the senses. Unusual combinations of flavors and artistic presentation create unique taste experiences.

A plant based gourmet experience at star level.

Have fun browsing, being amazed by and cooking these vegan gourmet recipes!

Beetroot apple soup with light crème, cilantro and green polenta hearts

Pretty in pink with hearts! It is autumn, nature is colourful! And you can get seasonal and local root vegetables…

Delicious rhubarb meringue tartelettes

I’m starting this year’s rhubarb season with my pretty, little rhubarb meringue tartelettes. Made with small, tender pastry shells. Filled…

Vegan salmon spinach roll with cream cheese

My delicious recipe for vegan salmon spinach roll with cream cheese. The perfect starter of a barnstorming menu or for…

Seitan steaks in red wine glaze with potato roses and green beans

So tender! And soft! So juicy! Plus this aroma! My seitan steaks in red wine glaze are so delicious, they’ll…

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