Category: Desserts

Vegan desserts.

Desserts are not only an absolute treat, but also a cultural and culinary journey. Whether as the finish of a fine dinner or as a sweet break from everyday life – a dessert still fits in and puts a smile on our lips.

Here you can see how diverse vegan desserts can be. From veganized classics, to quick, simple, small delights, to sophisticated patisserie.
You can find all of this in the ‘Dessert’ category on Daily Vegan.

Have fun browsing, marveling and cooking!

Yellow Smoothie – fresher and tastier than money can buy

My yellow smoothie is packed with vitamins. Perfect for a wet and cold autumn or winter.Quickly prepared in just a…

Poppy Seed Streusel Cake – a whole baking tray – vegan

Growing up in Germany, I used to love poppy seed cakes from the bakery. Since when I was a kid…

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