This is a list of all my recipes from a-z. Always good, always delicious and all 100% plant based.

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Aioli - a Spanish garlic dip
Apple rose tart with shortcrust pastry and marzipan custard filling


Beetroot apple soup with light crème, cilantro and green polenta hearts
Borek with spinach and feta stuffing


Cauliflower or broccoli baked in herbal dough on red wine shallots
Ceviche - vegan - with two kinds of 'fish'
Crispy vegan chicken drumsticks on veggies
Crunchy pretzel cupcakes with salty peanut butter


Delicious rhubarb meringue tartelettes


Egg salad, delicious for sandwiches


Fermented garlic - spicy, perfect for refining many dishes
Festive stuffed roast with squeezed potatoes on shallot puree with berry and ginger caviar


German crullers, a fun fair must eat!
Gourmet garlic mushrooms from the oven
Gravy - German 'Bratensauce' - the best vegan gravy
Grill flares - a must have at BBQs!


Hummus - creamy and full-bodied flavoured




Krupuk - Vegan Prawn Crackers - Ready in 5 Minutes!
Königsberger Klopse - a traditional German dish



Mayonnaise - home made and vegan
Meatball sandwich, with homemade subway bread
Moxshire Cheese - tangy vegan cheese - it's firm and it melts




Pastéis de Nata, Portuguese custard pies
Peanut butter and salted caramel rolls with cream cheese frosting
Pepper-crusted, bloody cheese burgers - vegan!
Piyaz - a Turkish white bean salad
Poppy Seed Streusel Cake - a whole baking tray - vegan
Pulled Oyster Mushroom Sandwich
Pumpkin bread, spicy, with chocolate and walnuts
Pumpkin buns – soft pumpkin shaped burger buns



Ricotta – my vegan 5 minute recipe
Roasted vegan goose leg recipe – a festive plant based dish


Scrambled tofu - tasty and very easy to make
Seitan steaks in red wine glaze with potato roses and green beans
Sopa De Ajo - Mallorca's garlic soup, served with a maritime tofu skewer and croutons
Sour Cream - plant based - made from Cashews
Strawberry cake - vegan, with sponge cake and vanilla custard
Stuffed vegan goose or stuffed vegan turkey - a festive meal


Thüringer Brat - the best German sausage! Vegan!


Upside down onion tarte with apple and puff pastry


Vanilla crescents (Vanillekipferl), wonderful Christmas biscuits
Vegan anchovies, perfect for seasoning or as a side dish
Vegan autumn burger - meaty patty with cole slaw in a pumpkin bun
Vegan calamari - with spicy chipotle aioli
Vegan condensed milk - made from only 2 ingredients
Vegan fish fingers, ahoy!
Vegan rack of lamb - made from seitan - even with bones
Vegan salmon spinach roll with cream cheese
Vegan smoked bacon, made from seitan




Yellow Smoothie - fresher and tastier than money can buy